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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Went shooting…

Went shooting. Loaded 5 rounds for a 100 yard shot. Pulled the trigger one time. Dropped the mag and put the gun away. It just wasn’t going to get better than this. 308 FTW

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More Certs on the way

With this latest mail-in complete, I’ll be certified in: Certified Home Firearm Safety Certified Pistol Certified Rifle Certified Shotgun Range Safety Officer Chief Range Safety Officer Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor Shotgun shell Reloading Instructor Just a few classes left to complete the civilian list of certs.

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Finally upgrade the Mech Jr to a Dillon SL900

After all these years with a rinky dinky Texan press, I finally upgraded to a Mech Jr press only to decide that wasn’t enuf. Today I stumbled across a deal and came home with a Dillon SL900 12 gauge reloading press. WOW! what a machine, its the rough equivalent of my Super1050, but for shotgun … Continue reading »

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