Month: June 2012

A good day at the range.

One of my roles in life is as a “Firearms Evangelist”. My goal is to show people that guns aren’t bad, and can really be a fun activity. It was my privilege to take a brand new shooter (and a helper) this Saturday for an informal “intro to firearms” class of sorts. With a heavy focus on safety and range procedures we covered and demonstrated about 20 handguns of various calibers, and a few rifles.

This is my 30th or so new shooter that I’ve taken out, and its a great feeling to be part of it. 22Lr almost always wins the favorite game, which is a great option.

FedEx arrived before we left, and brought me a long awaited present. fully-encased-alloy-50-round-drum-magazine-for-the-ar15 Loaded it up, and it ran like a champ, very solid build.


A little shooting with the guys

Went out with some folks to practice a little, and it broke out into a little competition shooting steel plates. Things were tight, back and forth between Ben and myself, till I put the smack down with this run. This took the record from low 7s, down to low 4s. “Boom! 4.18”