Happy (late) Thanksgiving

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I guess I’ll try this 22TCM stuff.

After watching all sorts of videos, and reading the specs, I figured I need to give this 22TCM a try…

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Delivery from “The Creek”

One of the great things about the Knob creek shoot, after the amazing collections of rare and unusual military hardware, is the SHOPPING! People from all over the US bring an amazing bunch of things for the flea market area. One of my bring backs this time is a this can of M1Carbine 110grain projectiles. No, I was unable to attend, luckily I had a proxy!

30 Carbine 110 Grain

30 Carbine 110 Grain

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Pyrex glass powder hopper

Just got this in today. Same capacity, this is good old pyrex glass, which will handle the chemicals in powder that turn the factory hopper into dark and cracked plastic.

Got this from http://wardlance.com/dillon.html Custom deflector and turned alum lid. Nice job overall!

Dillon OEM size replacement hopper
Pyrex hopper with same volume as OEM plastic version
2″ taller than the OEM plastic one

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Dillon Primer loader tweaks.

Found this good video to explain how to make this thing run well.

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How to ID – Found this on the net – Interesting

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Short and Fat? Sure.

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110K Primers

Placed a new primer order, Price break was at 100K. 110K Primers isnt as impressive as I thought it might be. This should last a couple months…

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Things to rememember

308 brass with primer is about 25 pounds per 1000 cases.

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The AR57 select fire debacle…

I love the idea of the 5.7, so it was all to natural to end up with a five-seven upper for my AR. When I tried that on my select fire receiver, I instantly fell into sad panda mood… Turns out the bolt carrier group provided is semi auto ONLY. Since its a special BCG, replacements were needed.

Just a pic of the two side by side shows there is not much difference, but enough to kill the giggle switch.

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