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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Adjustable Toolhead Kit for Dillon 550B and 650 Reloaders

I’ve had one of my Dillon 550bs set up for 38 special for a long time. It was one of my most loaded calibers in my life. People often ask for 357, But I hate to do the change and have to re-adjust everything to do so. Along comes this product, one so simple one … Continue reading »

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First tests are loaded

My Crimp Die came in on Friday, so that was all I needed. I got 50 new brass loads done, as well as 20 once fired reloads complete this am. My current load uses 17.0 grains of H-110, at least as a starting point.

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Progress, but I’m not there yet

Got a bunch of 300 AAC Blackout loaded today on one of my spare 550s. Ruined a couple in the process, but have a few samples to test with the chrono next range trip. As is typical with 2 die sets, there is no crimp die. As usual with no crimp die, I’m not happy … Continue reading »

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Star Trek III: The search for powder

Now that I have all the parts, and most everything is set up. The last decision still looming is the choice of powder for these. Of the twenty-some various powders I have on hand, I have no reloading data for the 300 Blackout for any of them. I’d think it would be fairly close to … Continue reading »

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Reloading supplies arrived.

This is some nice looking stuff. I went cheap on dies, mostly because what I wanted wasn’t in stock at the time, worst case I’m out a little $ when I buy something else. Here’s hoping that LEE can do the job. Remington Brass 300 AAC Blackout (7.62x35mm) Primed Box of 500 Product #: 398706 … Continue reading »

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I got me some! $11.06 a box for Remington 300AAC Blackout.

Managed to find the person that must have ended up with all the 300 blackout RP Green/White box ammo out there. Seems they have 5300 boxes of it! And at 11.06 per box, its 93cents, or 8% better than the pricing at MidwayUSA. Ironic that I found this just a day or two after I … Continue reading »

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My love hate relationship with 300 blk ammo

I purchased my AAC upper from a shop in GA, I had never heard of them before, but figured they were selling a known item, so not much could go wrong. When I called to place the order, I inquired if they had any ammo, which they did. I had seen Gunn Ammo for sale … Continue reading »

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Hedging my bets.

Concerned I might not be shooting this newest rifle build as much as I’d like, I finally caved in and purchased some components to “roll my own”. This will get me at least 500 to get started. Factory ammo best case seems to be about 60cents per round. Cost to make it myself: Primed Remington … Continue reading »

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Where oh where is my 300 blackout ammo?

Its been a month now since I got my 300 blackout upper. I picked up 100 rounds of ammo at the same time, regular factory ammo was hard to find or expensive, or both. I ended up with Gunn Ammo from GA. It used 300 blackout headstamp brass, and seemed to be ok, though other … Continue reading »

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I’m running out of ammo. Down to 18 rounds, and my order is still backordered till the 12th

And I’m still unable to find a set of dies that I like.

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