Hedging my bets.

Concerned I might not be shooting this newest rifle build as much as I’d like, I finally caved in and purchased some components to “roll my own”. This will get me at least 500 to get started.

Factory ammo best case seems to be about 60cents per round.

Cost to make it myself:

Primed Remington brass – $.26
Sierra Match King 125 grain – $.32
18.5 grains of H110 – $.05

Total cost for first load – $.63

Primer – $.028

Total cost for reload – $.378

I’m sure I could get the price down using a cheaper bullets, but this is what I’m doing for the first go round, we’ll chrono them and see how they perform

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I'm old, and I've been shooting and reloading since I was about 7. I started depriming and sizing brass for my father with a RCBS rock chucker press (which I still have) have now primarily use a Dillon 1050, and several Dillon 550b(s) I have been a shooter/member of IDPA and IPSC, though I'm not current, and I have not been to a competition in quite some time. Lately I've been into shot shell reloading, and trap shooting.

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