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My love hate relationship with 300 blk ammo

Posted by on February 14, 2012

I purchased my AAC upper from a shop in GA, I had never heard of them before, but figured they were selling a known item, so not much could go wrong. When I called to place the order, I inquired if they had any ammo, which they did. I had seen Gunn Ammo for sale on GunBroker.Com, but had never used it. 300 Blackout ammo is so hard to get, I was willing to try anything.

I was impressed with fit and finish of Gunn’s offerings, and very happy it was actual 300 Blackout head stamps. My first 40 rounds of Gunn Ammo’s 300 Blackout 147 grain FMJ Supersonic yielded some impressive results, though that consistency relaxed during boxes 3 and 4. Since this upper has so few rounds through it (80) , I’m not making any conclusions, but I wanted to try some other ammo to get some rounds through it, and judge the accuracy further.

About the best pricing I was able to find for Gunn Ammo was $16, which is still about 4$ (25%) more than the cheapest ammo I’ve seen listed. But still about 1$ less than anything else actually available.

I look forward to more Gunn Ammo tests down the road once I can get past the 200 round mark.

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