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Where oh where is my 300 blackout ammo?

Posted by on February 13, 2012

Its been a month now since I got my 300 blackout upper. I picked up 100 rounds of ammo at the same time, regular factory ammo was hard to find or expensive, or both. I ended up with Gunn Ammo from GA. It used 300 blackout headstamp brass, and seemed to be ok, though other reviews I’ve read weren’t so nice. I’ve had an order in with Midway for 3 weeks, and the backorder date has been pushed out 4 times. It was supposed to ship yesterday 2/12/12, but I checked in to see it pushed out to 3/22/12. It scares me that Midway has so little a clue when product is actually coming in, but it really bothers me that this round that everyone under the sun is making parts for, could be so hard to find loaded ammo for. If I wanted to spend 1.50 a round, I’ll just go take my .308 out and get the job done, but I don’t. I don’t even have enough brass to justify a dies to load it.

I’d prefer 300aacblackout headstamps, just because thats how I am.

This is the 300 Blackout ammo that I have on backorder

Has anyone found an in stock source to buy ammo?

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