Month: January 2012

Saturday quick stop at the range

Stopped today to sight in a new set of optics of the 300 Blackout rifle, got it done, but realized I don’t like the setup, so I’ve ordered some new rings and hope I’ll like those better. Did get it walked in centered, as you can see… This is a total of 7 shots, one of the centers doesn’t show up well.

This was with Gunn Ammo 130 grain, I’ve read reviews that seemed hit and miss, but I’d say I had pretty good success with it. Even with my out of the bag LPK trigger.

Another weekend with no shooting.

Spent all weekend working on things, and missed all my chances to go shoot the new rifle. I even found a set of BUPS for this rifle since I haven’t picked optics yet.

I guess I’ll spend some more time this weekend cleaning the reloading room up a little, and reading to find what set of dies I want to end up with to load for this beast.

I finally did it!

I’ve been talking about it for about 5 or 6 weeks now, I’ve priced 6 different options to get it and 3 different ways to build it. The prices were all over the board, but I finally managed to find the option I was comfortable with, and pulled the trigger (figuratively) so that I pull the trigger (literally)

With the help of Wade at Dixie Ammo via GunBroker I’m the proud new owner of this:

Complete 300 AAC BLACKOUT Upper Receiver Assembly
16″ Nitrided 1:8: Twist Barrel, threaded 5/8-24
AAC 51T BLACKOUT™ Flash Hider
“Full Auto” BCG
Ready to drop onto your AR15/M16/M4 lower!
Works with an AR lower with “Mil-Spec” push pin locations.

I’ve also ordered a bare barrel as well, and I plan to build a 2nd upper from scratch, just for fun.

I picked the AAC model for a variety of reasons. I plan to suppress this soon using AAC’s suppressor, and this as a package gives a known result. The AAC stuff is the original, I love that the rail is a Knights Armament, since I thought I’d never own ANYTHING they made, and they are a “local” Florida company. Fit and finish seems fantastic, I’m eager to get it out there and see how it does.

Now I just need to buy some optics!

I also purchased a few boxes of Gunn Ammo’s 300 Blackout 147 grain FMJ Supersonic

400 Pound hog taken not far from me.

This tells me that hunting should be good, when the time comes!

400-pound hog caught

Updated: Saturday, 07 Jan 2012, 6:57 PM EST
Published : Saturday, 07 Jan 2012, 6:57 PM EST

WOFL – Wildlife trappers in Brevard County caught a monster hog, Friday night.

The 400-pound wild hog was caught near Eau Gallie and John Rhodes in Melbourne by a trapper after it was hit by two cars.

The trapper tells Fox 35 News that both cars were a total loss. However, the 5 foot 8 inches long hog managed to survive.

A tractor was used to move the massive pig after trappers tracked it down and killed it.

Read more:




Entry Level 300 Blackout upper deal

DSA ZM4 Forged 7075T6 A3 AR15 Upper Receiver; 300AAC – DSZM4CBU300

Detailed Description – Forged 7075T6 A3 Flattop Upper Receiver
– Forged Front Sight Base with Bayonet Lug
– Trident Flash Hider
– M4 Style Handguards
– Aluminum Delta Ring
– M4 Style Feed Ramps
– Upper Half assembled as shown, no bolt, bolt carrier or charging handle included.

Manufactured by DSA – All Parts U.S. Made!


I’m not usually one that is lilkely to buy the entry level version of anything, so likely this won’t be my option. Plus you’re into another 250$ for BCG and handle.  Its a nice thing to see them in this cheap.