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Still hard to find factory ammo

Posted by on January 26, 2012

Seems like unless I’m ok with converted (used) brass (with 223 headstamps), or REALLY expensive match ammo, the 300 blackout ammo is still a tad hard to find. I was just about to buy a bunch of brass and load my own, but it seems like I might as well brake the gun in with some cheaper factory ammo. So I found this, to be in stock in just a few days…

6 Responses to Still hard to find factory ammo

  1. Rob

    And I’ve ordered 20 boxes. Supposed to be in stock TODAY (doubt they work on Sunday, but we’ll see)

  2. Rob

    Ooops, delivery slid.

    Date expected in stock: 3/7/2012

  3. Rob

    Delivery slid to 3/7/2012, now I see its slid to 3/8/2012

  4. Rob

    Well, this is just lovely. Backorder is pushed to 2/12/2012 now. Every day it jumps further away.

  5. Gunn Ammo

    Our Brass is NOT used. It is Lake City with CCI Primers. If there are backorders it is because of EXTREMELY HIGH demand.We apologize for delays but the cartridge continues to grow more popular hourly it seems. Shot Shot 2012 had more uppers than we even imagined.

    • Rob

      Is the Lake City stuff a new move? the 5 boxes I got were all 300 blackout headstamp, so I assume its Remington Brass? I’ve heard that the converted brass what thicker wall, and should obviously last longer. Do you perform any annealing process to the brass after cut down?

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