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Pyrex glass powder hopper

Just got this in today. Same capacity, this is good old pyrex glass, which will handle the chemicals in powder that turn the factory hopper into dark and cracked plastic.

Got this from Custom deflector and turned alum lid. Nice job overall!

Dillon OEM size replacement hopper
Pyrex hopper with same volume as OEM plastic version
2″ taller than the OEM plastic one

Wet Tumbling changed my life

Purchased a Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler to give this a shot for some of my rifle ammo.

If you are even remotely thinking about getting one,


go do it.

Do it now!

I let it run for 3 hours, which was likely much longer than it needed to run, but WOW, let me say that again WOW.

After YEARS, and I mean, 20+ years of corncob, walnut, etc, I realize I was wasting my time.

This is what I started with

THIS is the real deal. Clean inside and out.

Go ahead, click it, you know you want to see what it really looks like!

The kit came with a sample soap/softener, and a pack of stainless steel pins, and its really a “dump the stuff in and hit go” This method takes a little longer, that I will admit. You need to rinse and dry the brass well, that takes some time. But the juice is worth the squeeze. Cost of operation should be less over time, as you wont be rebuying media or additive. Another plus is that you wont be breathing all that crap/dust as you sift the brass from media. That alone is worth the upgrade.

This is a full 10 out of 10 Reloader-Rob recommendation!

Why didn’t someone tell me earlier?!?!?!

Be safe, and save me your brass!

A new press, and some bench cleanup

I’ve found the need for a press that can handle larger sized dies, and it was time to mount a few presses that haven’t been in service in a while.

As seen, my Dillon 550B with case feed in 38spl and my new RCBS rock chucker in 375Cheytac!

015-09-06 19.25.43015-09-06 16.11.09015-09-06 16.11.02

Gun Light, on the cheap

Built a simple little combo for a cheap weapon light. I hate how these things go for 100$ and up, when the parts are worth 20$.

Using the best stuff China has to offer, I was able to put together a neat combo..

Budget light on rifle
Budget light, installed on rifle
Offset Mount
Offset Mount
Inexpensive cree light
Inexpensive cree light

At last, I’ve ordered my “one true love”

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a giant fan of 45acp, as well as AR15 style rifles. For years I thought a fantastic product would be the marrying of the two things, AR15 + 45ACP = AR45!. Several people have made them, with various success, but none ever really to my liking.

Spending just about the same amount as a “normal AR, these days”, I’ll have a fantastic pistol caliber rifle that uses 30 round grease gun magazines.

Enter and Rudy at QualityMachine

Xs-Products Drum Magazine Challenge Entry # 002c

Xs-Products Video Challenge, $2000 Top Prize

Xs-Products Video Challenge, $2000 Top Prize
By XS Products on May 25, 2012 at 11:19 AM in Featured Firearm Articles

Xs-Products Video Challenge!!!


1st Place: $2000

2nd Place: $1000

3rd Place: $500

Runner up first 20 contestants: 100 rounds of free ammunition

How to enter: First Contact James Malarkey at Xs-Products via email at to get your entry number. Once you get your entry number, you are officially entered into the contest.

Rules: The video entrant must create a video using an Xs-Product fifty round drum magazine. The video must be over 10 seconds long and must be uploaded to, YouTube and the title must start with Xs-Products Drum Magazine Challenge, followed by the user’s entry number. Once your video is uploaded contact with a link to your video it will be posted to the website. Videos must be uploaded by August 15th in order to qualify.

September 30th all entrants’ scores will be assessed. This will be based on a weighted average between the amounts of views and likes the entrant received on their video. 50% of the score is based on views, and 50% will be based on likes, dislikes will not be counted.

Example: Xs-Products Drum Magazine Challenge entrant 001X has 15,000 views and 50 likes; their score is 15,000/50. Entrant Number 002X has 14,000 views and 100 likes; their score is 14,000/100. If the highest score in the contest is 15,000 views and 50 likes, those will be the basis for which all views will be weighed. 15,000 would therefore be a 100% of 50 points, and 100 views would be 100% of 50 points. Entrant number 001X would have a score of 50/25 (total score: 75) and entrant 002X would have a score of 47/50 (total score 97). Entrant 002X would win the competition. (Note) rounding was used to simplify the score.

Scores and entrants will be tallied and the winners will be announced October 5th via facebook and .

May the best man or woman win!

-Team Xs-Products

So here is my pathetic entry….

Shut up and take my money!

I had occasion to be in the city of Deland on the fourth of July this year for some things, and decided that while I was here, I should at least take a drive by Tactical Machining’s place of business. Not expecting to find them operating on an American holiday, I rolled up to find the doors wide open with people hard at work. I got out of the car and walked up, expecting to be chased off, but was instead met by a friendly group of guys. They were busily operating CNC machines that were producing – what else – AR15 lowers and uppers. It was like being a kid in a candy store.

Again, expecting to be ushered away, I was pleasantly surprised when an amiable gentleman welcomed me in and offered to give me a tour of facility. I later learned that this was Darren Peters, the owner of Tactical Machining. He gave me a tour of each station, kindly allowing pictures of each step. I met several of the people working there, and it was amazing to witness the skill and workmanship delivered on their products; they are clearly proud of what they make, and for good reason.

My first thought as I viewed their line of billet AR15 components was to shove my hand into my wallet pocket and yell “Shut up and take my money!” Unfortunately, they have not yet released that particular product, though Mr. Peters did inform me that they should be hitting the market sometime in 2013. I would love to have just left with “one of everything”, but I restrained myself. I did purchase a few things, and plan to return again one day soon to make some more additions to my collection as I really need one of their billet 308 uppers to complete a build.
Awesome looking 308 billet stuff

In my days I’ve visited more gunshops, AR15 armorers, AR builders, et cetera, than I can count; nothing against them, but these guys at TM are the REAL DEAL. They don’t just take pre-made lower/uppers and assemble them, they MAKE the parts. And then assemble them. Based on the volume of product they are outputting, I can only assume that many other local companies actually use them as an OEM to build their parts. Tactical Machining also offers quite an impressive line of 80% lowers and jigs, for those “do-it-yourself” guys, and they are rumored to be working on sponsoring a “build party” model for the newbie builders to attend and build with the help of a seasoned builder. Again – “Shut up and take my money!”
Build your own, from an 80%

I’m blessed to live in Central Florida’s active AR15-producing world. I can drive an hour in any direction and be at any one of 7-plus AR producers, but Tactical Machining of Deland, Fl is best kept secret in the business. Darren is a great guy to work with, as well as being a (relatively) new Ham Radio guy, and a pilot. Most importantly of all, he has a love for firearms, which should drive his company straight and true.