More 45GAP nightmares

Well, another night of loading messes.

Just got a shipment in from Dillon, lots of spare parts that I’ve needed. Got parts installed on the 1050 and got some loading in!

In a load of brass that came in “Cleaned and sorted” I managed to find it a little less than advertised.

In the 75 rounds I loaded tonight, I ran into 2 more 45GAPs, one of which struck and set off the primer (45GAP uses small pistol primers, and when you try to stuff a Large Pistol primer in a small pistol primer pocket, bad things happen.

Also found, hiding in 45ACP brass (that I missed) 1 380acp, 1 40sw, and one 9mm brass.

45GAP (After primer) 45GAP, 380, 40sw, and 9mm. All in the wrong place at the wrong time!
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I'm old, and I've been shooting and reloading since I was about 7. I started depriming and sizing brass for my father with a RCBS rock chucker press (which I still have) have now primarily use a Dillon 1050, and several Dillon 550b(s) I have been a shooter/member of IDPA and IPSC, though I'm not current, and I have not been to a competition in quite some time. Lately I've been into shot shell reloading, and trap shooting.

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