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Wet Tumbling changed my life

Purchased a Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler to give this a shot for some of my rifle ammo.

If you are even remotely thinking about getting one,


go do it.

Do it now!

I let it run for 3 hours, which was likely much longer than it needed to run, but WOW, let me say that again WOW.

After YEARS, and I mean, 20+ years of corncob, walnut, etc, I realize I was wasting my time.

This is what I started with

THIS is the real deal. Clean inside and out.

Go ahead, click it, you know you want to see what it really looks like!

The kit came with a sample soap/softener, and a pack of stainless steel pins, and its really a “dump the stuff in and hit go” This method takes a little longer, that I will admit. You need to rinse and dry the brass well, that takes some time. But the juice is worth the squeeze. Cost of operation should be less over time, as you wont be rebuying media or additive. Another plus is that you wont be breathing all that crap/dust as you sift the brass from media. That alone is worth the upgrade.

This is a full 10 out of 10 Reloader-Rob recommendation!

Why didn’t someone tell me earlier?!?!?!

Be safe, and save me your brass!

More 45GAP nightmares

Well, another night of loading messes.

Just got a shipment in from Dillon, lots of spare parts that I’ve needed. Got parts installed on the 1050 and got some loading in!

In a load of brass that came in “Cleaned and sorted” I managed to find it a little less than advertised.

In the 75 rounds I loaded tonight, I ran into 2 more 45GAPs, one of which struck and set off the primer (45GAP uses small pistol primers, and when you try to stuff a Large Pistol primer in a small pistol primer pocket, bad things happen.

Also found, hiding in 45ACP brass (that I missed) 1 380acp, 1 40sw, and one 9mm brass.

45GAP (After primer) 45GAP, 380, 40sw, and 9mm. All in the wrong place at the wrong time!