45 GAP – Its like picking up a chick, and ending up with a transvestite…

Designer Ernest Durham
Designed November 2002
Produced 2003–present
Bullet diameter .451 in (11.5 mm)
Case length .755 in (19.2 mm)
Overall length 1.070 in (27.2 mm)

The .45 G.A.P. (often called the .45 “GAP”) pistol cartridge was designed by Ernest Durham, an engineer with CCI/Speer, at the request of firearms manufacturer Glock to provide a cartridge that would equal the power of the .45 ACP but was shorter to fit in a more compact handgun, and with a stronger case head to reduce the possibility of case neck blowouts. G.A.P. is an acronym for “Glock Automatic Pistol”, and the .45 G.A.P. is the first commercially-introduced cartridge identified with Glock.

Got the whole works gummed up and lost my groove today while loading some 45acp on the RLSuper 1050. Not only is it slightly shorter, it also uses small pistol primers…. Not sure how it slipped into my brass bucket.

45ACP vs 45GAP

.45 GAP

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I'm old, and I've been shooting and reloading since I was about 7. I started depriming and sizing brass for my father with a RCBS rock chucker press (which I still have) have now primarily use a Dillon 1050, and several Dillon 550b(s) I have been a shooter/member of IDPA and IPSC, though I'm not current, and I have not been to a competition in quite some time. Lately I've been into shot shell reloading, and trap shooting.

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