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Reloading supplies arrived.

This is some nice looking stuff. I went cheap on dies, mostly because what I wanted wasn’t in stock at the time, worst case I’m out a little $ when I buy something else. Here’s hoping that LEE can do the job.

300 AAC Blackout reloading supplies
300 AAC Blackout reloading supplies

Remington Brass 300 AAC Blackout (7.62x35mm) Primed Box of 500
Product #: 398706 $129.99

Sierra Matchking Bullets 300 AAC Blackout (308 Diameter) 125 Grain Open-Tip Match (OTM) Box of 500
Product #: 915404 $159.99

Lee Pacesetter 2-Die Set 300 AAC Blackout
Product #: 934234 $32.49

Turns out I’m out of H110, well, not so much OUT, I have two cans, but they are more than 20 years old, possibly more than 30 years old. I’d rather spend some $ on some newer powder.

Hedging my bets.

Concerned I might not be shooting this newest rifle build as much as I’d like, I finally caved in and purchased some components to “roll my own”. This will get me at least 500 to get started.

Factory ammo best case seems to be about 60cents per round.

Cost to make it myself:

Primed Remington brass – $.26
Sierra Match King 125 grain – $.32
18.5 grains of H110 – $.05

Total cost for first load – $.63

Primer – $.028

Total cost for reload – $.378

I’m sure I could get the price down using a cheaper bullets, but this is what I’m doing for the first go round, we’ll chrono them and see how they perform

Another weekend with no shooting.

Spent all weekend working on things, and missed all my chances to go shoot the new rifle. I even found a set of BUPS for this rifle since I haven’t picked optics yet.

I guess I’ll spend some more time this weekend cleaning the reloading room up a little, and reading to find what set of dies I want to end up with to load for this beast.