The AR57 select fire debacle…

I love the idea of the 5.7, so it was all to natural to end up with a five-seven upper for my AR. When I tried that on my select fire receiver, I instantly fell into sad panda mood… Turns out the bolt carrier group provided is semi auto ONLY. Since its a special BCG, replacements were needed.

Just a pic of the two side by side shows there is not much difference, but enough to kill the giggle switch.

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I'm old, and I've been shooting and reloading since I was about 7. I started depriming and sizing brass for my father with a RCBS rock chucker press (which I still have) have now primarily use a Dillon 1050, and several Dillon 550b(s) I have been a shooter/member of IDPA and IPSC, though I'm not current, and I have not been to a competition in quite some time. Lately I've been into shot shell reloading, and trap shooting.

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  1. Hey Rob. Stumbled across your page. Looking for info on
    A AR57 Full Auto bolt. Specifically how to tell which bolt in your post picture is FA configured. I bought a used 57 Gen 1 upper and I dont know what I have.
    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. To get a F/A bolt that will trip the auto sear, Someone would have had to send in SOT/copy of MG registration and buy the specific bolt. As far as I know, none were shipped FA capable. Seems like there is a FA stamp on the end of the bolt. I’ll take pics of the end when I get back to the parts.

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