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Care and feeding of a M1919A4.

Prep for the range is taking longer and longer these days. Life is made easier with the addition of a 1919a4-linker

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Lego 1919

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Cleaning up the plates for the next outing.

I shoot steel. I pretty much only shoot steel any more. Since I made the investment to buy the steel and the stands, Its pretty much all I want to shoot. The gong of a 308 at 300 yards is so rewarding, not to mention the instant gratification of higher speed pistol shooting with a … Continue reading »

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A day at the range is better than…. well most anything…

Got a chance to head out to the range with some friends to try out some new stuff, mainly 6 new steel plates I picked up. Did a bunch of 300 yard stuff with small plates, and it was a BLAST. Some great gopro footage coming soon. Thought I’d be silly and film this one … Continue reading »

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Went shooting…

Went shooting. Loaded 5 rounds for a 100 yard shot. Pulled the trigger one time. Dropped the mag and put the gun away. It just wasn’t going to get better than this. 308 FTW

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A new updated pic of the range on google maps

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H.D.K. – The hard drive killers!

Took some time off work today, and headed off to the range. Had an old hard drive that I wanted to take a few shots at with the old 308. Oh yea, like butter.

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Some longer distance stuff today

I had the good fortune not to work today, so I stopped off, loaded up the nearest Russian, and went out for a relaxing day on the range. Set my rifle steel up at 200 yards (300 yards was underwater and I wasn’t willing to swim out to the berm). When asked if I was … Continue reading »

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Shooting today. Testing out a new gun

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Shut up and take my money!

I had occasion to be in the city of Deland on the fourth of July this year for some things, and decided that while I was here, I should at least take a drive by Tactical Machining’s place of business. Not expecting to find them operating on an American holiday, I rolled up to find … Continue reading »

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